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Quickpolls were a trial of a system for making fast decisions about problematic users. They consisted of polls among Wikipedia regulars on issues that needed to be quickly resolved. It operated from March to June of 2004, although some action continued into July.

After mixed reactions in the 30-day review process this page fell into disuse. As seen on the talk page, there was much dissatisfaction with the process, and no agreement on what changes were needed to fix it.

Potential alternatives to the quickpoll system include the "three strikes rule" and other ways of dealing with trolls and dealing with disruptive or antisocial editors.

At the time, Wikipedia:Quickpolls policy contained the policy for this procedure. Concluded polls have been moved to Wikipedia:Quickpolls/Archive (which also includes an example poll).

A proposal to revive quickpolls was active in March, 2005. See Wikipedia:Bring back quickpolls.